Pervasive Devices is a leading developer of software and hardware solutions for the Internet of Things. Our software framework and development environment solves the challenges associated with creating and connecting IoT devices to enterprise applications and distributed Internet-enabled automation systems. The NiagaraAX Framework introduced the concept of a software framework that could normalize the data and behavior of diverse devices, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol. Pervasive devices extends these software tools and embedded platforms to enable the implementation of seamless, Internet-connected network of devices and systems.

The NiagaraAX Framework allows Pervasive Devices to easily and quickly build Device to Internet applications. It brings the power of programmable control and the Internet down to edge devices and returns business intelligence back to the Enterprise. It is a proven development framework that provides a complete software platform for developing, deploying, integrating, and managing pervasive device applications at the lowest level.

The core concept of NiagaraAX is its unique, patented component model that transforms the data from diverse IoT devices into uniform software components. These components form the foundation for building applications to manage and control the devices. The traditional features of a managed system including, alarming, scheduling, data trending, command and control, and integration are readily available for developers, contractors and end users. Manufacturers can easily and quickly build their own device to internet applications rather than having to build their own applications or use the complex and difficult embedded programming tools that exist today.

Pervasive IoT Highlights

Protocol Driver Development and Licensing Tools

Graphics Presentation Framework and Graphic Development Tool

Library of Control Objects and Tool

Data Trending/ Model and Archive Tools

Single Development Environment

Complex Alarming and Notification Capabilities

Open APIs for Developers

Network Security