Pervasive Devices LLC is a leading provider of IoT services including:

Providing devices (things) that are accessible to the Internet and exposing their services via Web APIs.
Enabling machine to machine interaction to automate processes.
Empowering devices to push data to the Web where enterprise software intelligence and big-data patterns can be applied, i.e. energy optimization.
Integrating the services and data offered by things into higher level Web tools such as analytics  or customer’s unique software.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Pervasive Devices and our parent company Activelogix have quickly become recognized for our innovative approaches to the design, development and implementation of IoT solutions.

We are a value-added distributor of the Niagara Framework™ and we have extensive experience in the design and support of Niagara™ based systems to connect devices. We’ve also been recognized for our extensive experience in the design and support of enterprise software systems to connect, monitor and control these devices. We couple our experience connecting devices with the ability to build enterprise level software applications including our Periscope™ Dashboard software solution.